Reflections of a Broken Man

The Calm Before the Storm by StephenMac
September 21, 2008, 10:11 pm
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**currently listening to: Oh! Gravity by Switchfoot…. my latest acquisition**

Okies… this is the first of a series of posts done tonight. My apologies to Dave’s Blog for taking up valuable space on his page.

This is the last night before my final term at college – a term of exams, coffee, screaming, Greek and Hebrew woes, and hopefully more Sydney FC wins like last night (*sigh* my cousin invited me to the game… and I turned him down because I wanted to chill at home!!! So very very annoyed – should have been there…what an awesome match).

IMG_0427 Things are exciting atm… church is booming, I have a job for next year with an awesome opportunity to grow and be grown, and college work I think is beginning to pay off. The end of this year is in sight, and I am so very grateful for what has been an awesome year so far. Oh… and spring is freaking awesome too!

On a downer, I am really struggling with dealing with some of the teens in my evening congregation. I haven’t earned their respect, so more often than not I feel like I’m coming across as a rules nazi… I spend most of my time chastising them for stuff – mainly being idiots and rude, and I am seriously struggling with anger, impatience, lack of love, and general frustration. Part of my excitement with next year is a fresh start: while I’ve been with this group for two years, there are a few who have only been there over the last month or three, and because I spend most of my time with the younger members in our youth group/sunday school, I haven’t had the chance to build the rapport with this particular group. And so they treat me like dirt, and I don’t deal much better with them. Next year will be a fresh start hopefully. Please…

On a random tangent, I am already beginning to miss the kiddies that I leave – they may not know it, but for their age, they are a remarkably intelligent and awesome bunch. It is so cool to ask a question in kids church, and have an answer that is truly profound. What a privilege! What a blessing! God has been so great this past year!

Stay tuned for the next few posts


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