Reflections of a Broken Man

On Integrity by StephenMac
July 5, 2009, 10:14 am
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So I just got back from a wedding reception. During the course of the night, I saw my two youth group leaders act with what I thought was great integrity, and it filled me with such pride.

A very wise friend once wrote that as a parent, one of the most proud moments is seeing their own child choose to do the right thing, amidst peer pressure, and without realising a parent is watching, without a sense of compulsion or fear of the parent, but choosing to act with integrity. I don’t think I’ll ever experience that situation, but I came close this evening.

The wedding was two people from my “new” church, and in keeping with their awesome hospitality and welcoming of me, they invited me along. Unfortunately, this couple had a lot of drunk friends… My two youth group leaders were the best man and the bridesmaid, and knew people in the group of “drunk friends”. After much shouting and singing and dancing and yelling, the friends decided that a few drinking contests were in order, and one of them came over and invited (numerous times actually) my youth group leaders to join them. They stood their ground and said no.

Now, it may be for a host of other reasons, including the fact that their parents were at the wedding as well as the minister and student minister (the student minister, me, had been sitting at their table spending the last 15min bagging out said drunk friends…), however, I’m hoping that it was the first steps to independent integrity: independent of their parents, of their family, of their church leaders; integrity that comes from being mature Christians.

May God continue to grow them!



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good stuff.

Comment by dave miers

Ouch! I hope you guys don’t spend that much time bagging me out when I sin!

Comment by Tom Carr

Good call Tom… a needed rebuke.

I didn’t approve of the example that many of these people were setting for my youth groupies, yet even so, I think a touch of forgiveness is required.

That, however, was an offhand comment… I wanted to highlight the integrity of some of my leaders…

Comment by StephenMac

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