Reflections of a Broken Man

On The Tragedy of Humanity – Part I: Created Nobility by StephenMac
July 5, 2009, 10:19 am
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In the words of MPJ: For all their created nobility, human beings are tragic figures, impaled on their own pride.

(Disclaimer: These thoughts are my own, based on an offhand comment in an article about Calvin)

I had an argument with my parents this morning. My parents aren’t Christian, and so when religion comes up, things usually get heated. This morning, mum took a swipe at women not being able to get leadership positions in the church, and thus, the church is oppressing women. I tried to make the point that mankind is created equal, man and woman, in the image of God. But she insisted because there wasn’t equal access to power and authority, this translates into an inequality of the sexes. Access to power and authority doesn’t necessarily mean inequality.

When God created humanity, he created an ordered relationship that was noble, a humanity that was worth something. It was created in his image, and that is what gives humanity its value, its worth, and it equality. This is why sexism and racism are so inherently evil, this is why murder, and slavery, and genocide, and oppression and hate in all its forms is so abhorrent. It is because these things deny the created nobility of humanity, and therefore, deny the nobility of God, the one who created man in his own image.

Everything begins here. Ethics, morality, theology, philosophy, anthropology, whatever-ology. Everything must begin with our unique place in God’s order: we are created in God’s awesome and beautiful and terrifying image. We have created nobility.



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yeah good one steve. been thinking about this lately with reference to same-sex marriage. we have to start with our createdness, finding our value firstly there, and not letting other things come before that.
but to not have that means other things come first. good luck with the continuing conversation. i would be interested to know where your mum (and the many others who share this view) do find their value? is it what they do? or who they are? and how much of who they are comes from what they do? and so on.

Comment by psychodougie

Cheers dougie. I don’t seem to have many conversations with my folks, mainly because I lose patience, and the arguments are the same arguments over and over again. My sarcasm + their mocking doesn’t turn into friendly argument. Maybe asking them what their alternative is is a better way to have a conversation. Listening rather than speaking… wasn’t that our memory verse in CongMin? Thanks Doug for the thoughts!

Comment by StephenMac

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