Reflections of a Broken Man

On Patricious… by patricious
September 10, 2009, 4:26 pm
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(Reflections on Me, I guess… or stephenmac and myself)


Btw, This puts stalking at a whole new level…

But before I do anything else, I really should introduce myself:

My name is Patrick.

It’s from the Latin word for ‘nobleman’, Patricious.

I am about the same age as stephenmac but am substantially less educated than he is. He studied at the same level as my older brother (not because of anything special, just the way things work out with the education system in NSW) hence we are somewhat better acquainted. I don’t remember us really hanging out during high school, but university does permit for more social interaction between the year groups for some strange reason (most likely because age is no longer a factor in sharing a class with someone). I’ve never shared a class with Steve my whole life.

But we do share in God’s grace. Steve and I are both followers of Jesus. Thus I consider him more like a brother than a friend. We both participated in one of the Christian groups at uni, the Evangelical Union. Some would encourage students to go to Sydney University just because of the EU. I would, in jest, agree. The conversations we’ve had over the years have made me realise how blessed we’ve been to have been immersed with sound doctrine and a genuinely loving community in high school carrying on to university.

But in these last [few] days, Steve has really been instrumental in indoctrinating me into the life of a college boy.

This evolved from inviting me over to play a game of pool in the men’s common room, to even sneaking me in to use their shower facilities. Long story, but my situation was cold, dire and dirty.

Even this guest-blog is surely a foot-in-the-door attempt to get me to buy into college (sooner rather than later). Being that the blog-o-sphere has just become one of those integral communicative tools for pastors and teachers for their thoughts and words of wisdom as they progress in their ministry. Alas, it can also work as a distraction. It’s just one of those things that a lot of college boys get into.

But, yes, I do intend to attend a Bible college at some point. The many coffees and conversations I’ve had with Steve (he’s even fed me a couple of times) have been really helpful to that end. Even at times when I’ve questioned my abilities regarding this calling..

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself as a friend and brother of stephenmac.

With regards to “Reflections of a Broken Man”, I told Steve my blog posts are likely to be quite emo. To which he responded, “PERFECT!”

I will probably start up my own blog soon after this (depending on how addicted I become).

At least it’s gotten me writing something (as opposed to my essay question…)

And thanks to all of you that actually read this.

That’s right, you two…


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