Reflections of a Broken Man

On Public Morality by StephenMac
February 3, 2010, 8:54 am
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Some things really really really get to me. Arrogant huntards in World of Warcraft would be the first… that in and of itself is worth a rant… but that’s for another time. The other is what I call ‘morals bashing’. Good News Week mercilessly mocked Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for saying in public that he thought a “woman’s virginity was a gift”. Today, I heard that civil liberties people are up in arms about mobile phone technology that allows parents to “invade the privacy of their children” (or in other words, give parents the ability to protect their children from harmful content on their phones – internet etc…). People are getting vocal because Government is using its ‘morals voice’… they are talking about public morality.

Who’s role is it to be the moral voice? Simply: the Church. However, when the church is marginalised/ignored, who then? The immediate response to the answer of “the Government” is heck no… remember Gillard’s response to the abortion drug – “Mr. Abbott, keep your rosaries off my ovaries”? Is government really the place for the espousing, if not the legislating, of public morality when the Church is marginalised. Yes, this is the church’s job – to be the moral voice in the public sphere – yet, our society quite clearly has silenced that voice, so why not government? And if not government, can we really dispense with public morality altogether? Can an offhand comment about abstinence, can technology that provides measures to protect our children, be so offensive as to say that there should be no moral voice in the public sphere? The response of mockery and anger shows that if left to our own devices, the public sphere will become a very dark place.