Reflections of a Broken Man

On Intentions and Actions (Or Why I Hate Speculation) by StephenMac
May 28, 2010, 12:47 pm
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**Copeland’s You Are My Sunshine (cheesy name, good music) is really cool – loving On the Safest Ledge and You Should Return (despite the lame intro to that song)…**

To my peers: please do not draw intentions from actions. Speculation of this sort isn’t helpful.

If I have lunch, or dinner, or coffee, or speak or wave or look at a girl, this does not necessarily mean that I have a crush on her, or are dating her, or am in the middle of a proposal.

Let me ask you this: whether or not this affects me, I don’t care. My thoughts are for her, who has to suffer the whisperings and speculations which are now thrust upon her. Do you think that’s fair? Here’s a thought: instead of assuming that boy-girl relationships are because “he likes her” or vice versa, let’s assume that they are brother and sister, and work from there. You have no idea how hurt some people are by you holding the former and not the later, and I am honestly not just speaking of myself. I have a close friend who prefers the friendships of women, and so is constantly subject to such whisperings and speculations. You have no idea how cut he is because of it.

Please, for the sake of the single-person’s godliness, please please please don’t speculate. I beg you and plead with you. Don’t.

End of rant.

So my question now is: what can I do to protect her from this sort of speculation? Whether I like her or not, what can I do to prevent this sort of unhelpful thing happening in the future? I guess from my position, learning to treat all women as sisters, and knowing how to do that in a godly and edifying way.



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Good call bro! If there is one thing we Sydney christians need it is this. Learning to relate to the opposite sex without yr 7 giggling or freaking out. I really do wonder about how some guys will go when they get out of college looking after their female parishoners.

Comment by Michael Wells

Michael – I couldn’t agree more!

Comment by katierae

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