Reflections of a Broken Man

On Headspace by StephenMac
October 13, 2010, 6:01 pm
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**Currently at breakfast, so I guess my currently listening to is “the chatter at the surrounding tables” though I’m not actually listening to what they are saying…*

One thing that has been dominating my thoughts recently is the idea of headspace – the ability to multitask, handle and process all the different things (read: crises) in my head. Last week, my head was just so filled with first an essay, then with camp admin/talk, that I just couldn’t actually think of anything else. I didn’t have the headspace for it.

Or so I kept telling myself. There was one issue that I needed to deal with, but had kept putting it off for the sake of “headspace”.

**Back in room, just before dinner. Currently listening to “Coming down is calming down” – Underoath in preparation for their new album ∅ Disambiguation**

headspace has been my excuse for not dealing with things. I just can’t (read: won’t) process things that need to be processed. this week is the time to process things that need to be processed, and technically, there’s nothing else stopping me from dealing with it. And yet, I haven’t.

What I find most irritating is the fact that I think about it, dwell upon it, whatever, I just can’t bring myself to do something about it. It consumes my thoughts, its all I think about when I have that spare moment. I think it’s probably unfair to her, but there is that bizarre half-way-house of not dealing with things that keeps them at arms length, without facing the consequences.

Here’s the resolution: tonight, something gets done *cough*