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On the Definition of an Anglican by StephenMac
November 10, 2010, 10:58 pm
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What is an Anglican?

One who is:
a) passionate about the Gospel in the evangelical tradition, and
b) seeks to support the training others in this Gospel, in the face of liberal (amongst others) resistance.

An interesting thought… Where does the historical background to Anglicanism fit in? Thoughts?


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Well your definition probably covers Sydney Anglicans and a bunch of other folk, but not the whole of Anglicanism at present!

Guys like Cranmer are key. Also see Vermigli on his influence on Cranmer. Further, check out J.C. Ryle – he’s a good fella. Anything that Ashley Null’s done on Anglicanism would be worth checking out too!

Comment by Mark Earngey

ahh, that defines some anglicans, and some good aspects about some anglicans. But it doesn’t even come close to defining anglicans. It is almost like trying to give a theological definition. And one that ignores sin, or at least tries to define sin out of its identity.

Comment by mike w

perhaps you could add ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’

Comment by mike w

This is a theological definition that doesn’t adequately describe Anglicans as a whole, purely the Sydney Anglican church (and even then, debatable). The definition of ‘Anglican’ is quite simply one who belongs with the Administrative collective known as the ‘Church of England’. This organisation has from the very beginning been theological ambiguous.

Comment by Richard Smith

I found a definition of ‘Protestant’ online that said they are a Western Christian not adherent to Anglicans. Does that mean I am not, in fact, a Protestant Pat?

For one, being Asian makes me an Eastern Christian doesn’t it?

Comment by patricious

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