Reflections of a Broken Man

What was once a previous life by StephenMac
September 25, 2008, 9:12 pm
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**currently listening to: mySpace is streaming Anberlin’s new album… I got the email today that my copy is in the post, but I still can’t wait…**

I have an irritating habit of only half finishing projects. There are at least four or five things that I really really have a passion for, but I seem to start or prep for them, and then get drowned in other stuff. Here are my projects:

– Get my thesis published
– Write a paper on the importance of morality in international political theory, tying together Beitz, Wight, O’Donovan, et. al
– Do readings on justification, “the new atheism”, O’Donovan, Hauerwas
– Plan for youth group term 4, plan for next year

*sigh* So much work to do… If only college would stop so I could actually do some work…

The prob is that most of these projects are from my former life… I really miss the pol sci, but I just can’t spare any time on it… (so why am I blogging? avoiding greek…)